BrassBar&RailFor all of time, people have been enjoying the camaraderie of establishments that provided good food & drink. Not so long ago, there was a very limited selection of beers in area restaurants, and in 1978 when Faegan’s opened, we made a decision. We decided not to offer draft beer but to keep a broad selection of imported bottles along with the mainstays like “the king of beers.” That got us notoriety and we followed up with 4 tap offerings. Ignoring the advice of some beer distributors, we added Bass, Harp, Guinness & McSorley’s. It just felt right! Well lo and behold, Faegan’s remains – 46 beer taps later, 37 years ago, 1200 +/- staff passing thru, 69 +/- menus away and countless, friends & customers!